Saving is impossible.

We all know saving is important; it acts as a critical safety net against the unexpected, and builds hope and confidence and today, while carrying the promise of a brighter and more favourable tomorrow.

But when you're busy living in and keeping up with the now, saving just doesn't seem to make its way to the top of your list of priorities. Maybe next month.


Financial vulnerability is on the rise in Canada

1 in 6 Canadians have a net worth of $0 or negative, and 1 in 4 have no financial wealth at all (savings, stocks, bonds, etc). Just under half of millennials, Canada's largest working generation, are living paycheck to paycheck, with under $1000 in savings, checkings, and investment accounts combined.

Saving is impossible.

Sprout is a "FitBit for savings," a savings incentivization platform that promotes saving money together, and earning more for it. All of a sudden, saving money becomes intuitive, easy and fun. Save money, earn rewards, change your life. It's that simple! Sprout helps you make your dreams for tomorrow a reality, starting today.


Made just for you

Road map customized to you and your savings goals broken down into do-able targets

Every step counts

Celebrate little wins along the way by earning points that convert to rewards

You're not alone

Earn more when your friends succeed... we're all winners here!

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